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What is Social Media Engagement :

Social Media Engagement, measures the public shares, likes and comments, for an online business (or) promotions through social media efforts. And Return On Investment for social media marketing effect is much difficult &involvement is a cover measurement that doesn’t explain how many customers end up purchasing. The ways to improve social media engagement are:

 1. Post about current events (or) trends: 
     Being at top always brings fresh traffic to your page, whether it depends upon the page you have holidays, events, live shows (or) trending posts. Can do lot to inspire conversation on your social media pages. Post creatively and come up with unique posts that will engage your fans and gets them together discussing your post.

2. Ask Question & Answer,  Session Creativity:
    Make active session in your page like asking Q&A, if you have so much followers for your page     and do nothing active, they might go. So make your followers to discuss among themselves and be active on your page by question & answer sessions.

3.  Organize Creative Contests:
    Contest, do something different and stand out of your competitors. Social media contests ,are          very common these days and improves your presence and makes followers and your page to               be active.
       4.Tag people in Curated Content:
Content curate is the process of collection of information appropriate to a particular subject (or)          specialized niche. If you choose any topic refer multiple Articles, authors and links and make sure      you all   the people in the post when you post socially.
For ex: Andrea Beltrami created a blog with top articles on visible social media marketing. Then        she shared the link and tagged all the author included in the article.
5.Encourage User Generated Content:
  User Generated Content (UGC) makes fans to talk about your brand on social media, An example    admirer of Coca-Cola and the way it's been able to exclusive techniques to obtain public hype - like    their 'Share a Coke' strategy.
For First time in Australia, 'Share a Coke' ended up being greatly successful in more than 50 countries. For the campaign, Pepsi changed out its logo with unique titles, allowing their product  lovers to find their name, the names of close relatives, friends, and colleagues.
6.Connect with Social Cause and celebrate the important days:
   If social cause doesn’t directly relate to your page, still you can promote it on your social page. And also we can wish or make a post to the important days in your page. It always awesome to do things for others and also it improves your business and branding.