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Offpage SEO Trends and Techniques in 2018

First of all, What’s SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking  the website to rank on the Search Result Pages which means the browser where we searches using keywords in Google,Yahoo and Bing,. To Rank the Website on the top of the page we have two methods-Organic and Paid. SEO have two major types are Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. Onpage SEO, process of optimizing the individual webpage to rank and get more traffic. Onpage SEO are done on the websites and Optimized with codes, Quality Content. Offpage SEO which helps the website to get Backlinks and traffic to the website. Google considers two types of Backlinks as Page Authority and Domain Authority.The offpage main factor is to get quality backlinks to the website and the steps to optimize the Off-page SEO are:

                              1.    Social Book Marking:
 The Social Book Marking sites are free and helpful to get Backlinks to our Website.
In this just share the content and the Url of the Site and make bookmark of it in Bookmarking sites.
The Best Social Bookmarking sites are Reddit.com and Stumbleupon.com.

                                        2.Article Submission:
Article Submission is the best off-page techniques to get backlinks and traffic to the website, here just need to submit the article you have written to the article submission sites.

                                       3.Business Listing:
 Business Listing means just listing the details of your website and address, phone and email id to list the Business Listing Sites, it gives authority and helps building Back links.

Forums are the one of the best technique in off-page SEO, which gives the referral links to the website, helps in getting traffic to the site.
Join in Forum like Quora and Free host Forums, question/answer the topic which you’re interested and with that give your link.

                                      5. Classifieds:
Classifieds are the best way to give advertisements by selecting the industry you belongs to and place. This helps to get the backlinks from the high quality sites and the customers who are in need of the business or products can find you from the ads on the classifieds,.
Classified ads are done with url of the website you want to display the ads and Description, Place.

                                    6.Blog Commenting:
Blog Commenting are the easy way to get the links from the blogs to your site, by giving the relevant comments to the blog posts.The link from this site is counted as referral link which to rank the site easier on the Search Engine Result Page.

                                     7.Web 2.0:
The Web 2.0 is trending now in Off-page SEO, this is like creating the profile in Blogger.com and tumblr.com, wordpress.com same as like the website url for example:- https://www.yourdomain.blogspot.com

                                    8.Document Sharing:
Document Sharing means sharing the PPT Submission, PDF Submission , Video Submission and Audio Submission Sites. By creating these kind of files, its useful to get the backlinks and list the website on the Search Engine Result Page.

Points to Remember:
*Off-page SEO, are very useful for the sites to rank so get high quality links, maintain the backlink count.
*Follow White Hat Method and get links from government sites which helps more to rank the site.
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