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Social Networking Privacy

       On Social Media Privacy is no longer the personal choice.
  • New and Evolving Challenges when it comes to Privacy, Security and Infrastructure. Social Media Security is most important than ever.
  • There’s no doubt social media connected the world of people together, that’s good thing, but privacy is much needed.
The Information People Share on Social Media:
Personal Information:
  • Most of the Social Media Network allows users to create detailed online profiles. This helps in sharing information with other users, like Gender, age and education.
  • Some Social Platform, even if you set it as not public, the email &phone numbers of some 6millions users with all of their friends even when the information wasn’t public.
Location Information:
  • In some Social platforms are designed to broadcast one’s real time location.This might allow user to “check-in” to local event (or) business.
  • The Multitude of ways for third parties to find out where we are including cell towers, the metadata transmitted from telecommunication and data logged on our phones.
Shared Contents:
  •  Most Social Networks encourages to share the images, videos and content, Music and links to other webpages.
  • Some Social Media like Facebook gives you the opportunity of restricting access to certain friends, family member and colleagues, Also take advantage of the enhanced privacy options which are offered by social media sites like blocking the messages from strangers. So select to whom you want to show Your Details or your contents   
  • Tips for Protecting your Social Media Sites:
  •  Never leave a site logged in.
  •  Never Enter Suspicious links. 
  •   Set up security answers.
  •  Always create a strong and unique password to different sites.
  • Ensure that people you connect to/follow/add as friend known to you.