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Automation Testing

  • Automation Testing uses automation tools to write and execute test  cases, no manual involvement is required while executing an automated test suit. Usually testers write test script and test cases using the automation tool and then group into test suites.

  •    The main goal of automation testing is to increase the test efficiency and develop software value. And finding   defects missed by manual testing.

       Automation testing advantages: 
  • Unattended Execution
  • Fast
  • Re-usability(Code can be used)
  • Cost Reduction
  • Better Quality
  • Reliability
Automation tools:
  • HP Quick Test Professional
  • Selenium
  • Silk Test
  • Win Runner
Introducing Selenium:
  •  Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting test Automation. Selenium is used to automate web application across different flat forms using different programming language.
  • This is the one of the best tool for web application. The performance and execution speed of selenium automation tool is munch better than any automation tool because of its native support for browsers and also web driver  operations on OS level.
  • Selenium web driver is used to automate web based applications on multiple Plat form across different browser with different programming language. Selenium web driver is a faster then RC because of its simpler architecture.
  • Web driver is a tool for automation testing web applications. It is popular know as Selenium 2.0,Web driver uses a different underlying frame, while Selenium RC use JavaScript Selenium-Core embedded with the browser which has got some limitations. Web driver intermediary, unlike Selenium RC that depends on a server.It is used in the following context –
  • Multi – browser testing including improved functionality for browser which is not well support by selenium RC (selenium 1.0).
  •   Handling multiple frames, multiple browser windows, popups, and alerts.
  •   Complex pages navigation.
  •   Advance user navigation such as drag and drop.
  • AJAX- based UI element.
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