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Digital Marketing

Whats  Digital Marketing and how it works in on page?

Digital Marketing is the way of marketing your business to get more visitors to the website and getting leads for the business. In Digital marketing we have SEO,SEM,SMM and some more tools for making the site.

How SEO works with ON Page:
*SEO, Google we have some rules to get the site to rank at top of search page and hence the SEO types are:
The title should be unique and the keywords have to be used in title so that Google crawl the site easily.
*URL structure and Content:
The url structure and content is same like title, we should use keywords in url so that Google while
crawling gets the site matching with title, url and content.

In headings we need to use <h1><h2>tags, because the Google more priority to the these tags.
*External Links and Internal links:
External links are hyperlinks, if some one giving links to your site and you give links to other sites.
*Anchor Text:
Anchor-text is the clickable text in a web page link. SEO guidelines determine that core written text be
relevant to the page you're connecting to, rather than general written text.
*Meta tags:
 Meta tag provides metadata about HTML document and meta data will not be displayed on the page..
Sitemaps is the XML file and this includes webmaster to additional information about each url, it helps in
last updates and how often changes, how important the url is relation to other site, this allows the site
crawls easily and effectively.
Breadcrumbs are hyperlinks that allow a customer to monitor their direction from the site they are
currently watching to the homepage of your site.