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Google Updates

Google Update For SEO:
The SEO Updates are directly proportional to the Google Search Engine Update and we have certain conditions which we have to follow Google Updates to rank the site top.
1   1. Panda Update:
  •   Panda update was Launched in February 24, 2011 and this update hazards are Thin Content, Content Duplication and Keyword Stuffing.
  •     Run Site Regularly for Content Duplication, Thin Content and Keyword Stuffing, To overcome from this use these Site Crawler and MOZ Open Site Explorer, etc.

     2.Penguin Update:   
  •           The Penguin Update Launched in April 24,2012 and this updates Hazards are Spam, Irrelevant Links or Anchor Texts.
  •  In 2016,the Penguin update referred to as Google’s Core   Algorithm.Unlike Panda, it works in real time also.
  •    Observe your link profile’s development and run frequent audits with a  back-link checker like Backlink Watch and SEO Spyglass.
3.Hummingbird Update:
  •    Humming Bird helps Google to understand the Search Query well with help of natural language processing that relies on latent semantic and hazards are Keyword Stuffing and Low Quality Content.
  • Hummingbird makes it possible for a page to position for a query, even if it doesn’t contain the exact words the searcher enters.
  •   To overcome this Update expand Keyword Research which have more search popularity and use tool Keyword Everywhere, Rank Tracker.
4.Pigeon Update:
  •  Pigeon affects Searches in user Search Location plays a Important part. This Update Created For Local Algorithm and Core Algorithm.   
  • Pigeon Update Launched in July 24,2014 and hazards for Poor On&Off     Page.
  • A good way to start Off Page SEO is getting indexed to appropriate Business Directory.
5. Mobile:

  • This Mobile Google Update Launched In 21 April 2015 and Lack of Mobile Version of the page and Poor Usability.
  • The Update ensures  that Mobile Friendly pages rank at the top of the Mobile Search, check Speed and usability.Use Website Auditor to check the Mobile Performance.
  • Accordingly to the Mobile Responsive the Site loads in SERP page.
6. RankBrain:
· Rank Launched in 26 October 2015 and it’s the Third Most Important Ranking Factor, this is a part of Hummingbird Algorithm.

  • It is a machine learning system that helps Google understand this is behind concerns, and serve best-matching search results in response to those queries
  • It identifies the relevance features web pages ranking for a given query. The Web Site Auditor.
  •  Its Google’s Artificial Intelligence learning Machine.

7.Possum Google Update:

  • This update ensures that the local result depends upon the local searchers. Possum also gave a boost to businesses located outside the physical city area.
  •  Expand your keyword list and do location-specific rank tracking. 

8.Fred Update
  •  Fred Launched On 8 March 2017 and hazards Thin, Affiliate Heavy.
  • Fred which is for targeting websites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. The greater part of impacted sites are weblogs with low-quality content that appear to be designed mostly with the objective of producing ad Income.