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Best Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicines and Treatment

Diabetes Ayurvedic Tablets and Medicines


Most of the food that we intake daily will turn into glucose [blood sugar] which is used by cells of our body for energy. The pancreas releases a hormone called insulin helps the glucose to get into the cells of our body. In simple insulin works as a key to open the cells for glucose to enter into and used for energy. But in diabetic patients this system does not work. The condition in which either pancreas fails to produce sufficient amount of insulin or the cells in our body do not react to the insulin is called as diabetes.

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes
1.       Insulin dependent diabetes [type 1]: The autoimmunity destroys the insulin producing cells of the pancreas and hence no insulin is released. This can be treated by taking insulin injections and hence the name insulin dependent diabetes. This type of diabetes develops in children and teenagers so it is also called as juvenile diabetes.  The symptoms of type1 diabetes which often appears suddenly are as follows.
·         High level of sugar in the blood and urine
·         Weakness
·         Vomiting
·         Thirst and hunger
·         Frequent urination

2.       Non-insulin dependent diabetes [type 2]: the type 2 diabetes develops in adults [above age 30] and in most of the cases it occurs in people who are overweight and physically inactive. Non-insulin dependent diabetes is the most common diabetes and about 90% of diabetic conditions are of this type. The patients with this disease can able to produce insulin but the quantity will be less. The problem with patients is that the cells in their body do not react to the insulin. The people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight do suffer from this disease.

The solution for type 2 diabetic conditions is to follow proper diet and exercise. If the sugar level is still high oral medication such as Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine helps the body to use its own insulin efficiently. But in some cases insulin is necessary.

How the diabetic condition s can be controlled?

1.        Type 1 diabetes’s is controlled with the regular injection.
2.       Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet, exercise or with the Ayurvedic medicines in the form of tablets.

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