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Ayurvedic Antiseptic Cream Online

Ayurvedic Antifungal and Antiseptic Foot Care Cream

Foot care cream

Human skin needs nourishment for the healthy and glowing skin. Especially the foot needs sufficient air and moisture. Ignoring the foot may lead to severe pain due to cracks and sores. Which may intern affect your daily routine with the hesitation to walk?  Foot care creams are the primary and best solution to avoid future problems. You can buy the best avis foot care cream online at avis healthcare. The foot care creams are very useful and they help you to get rid of most of the foot problems.

Foot care creams avoids and cures the following foot problems

1.       Eczema: This is the condition in which the red patches on the foot become rough and cracks. The red rashes cause itchiness, which leads to infection on continuous rubbing.
2.       Dryness: When compare to the skin of other parts of the body, the foot skin is naturally dry. The reason is there are no oil glands in the foot skin. The miniaturization of the foot relies on the sweat glands. The dry foot is common problem but it is found more among seniors and diabetic patients.

3.       Cracked Heels: Cracks on heels basically caused due to insufficient moisture production to the skin. These cracks turn into severe problem when it sore and starts bleeding.  There are many reasons which causes the crack heals. Some of them are dehydration, insufficient water intake, not nourishing the feet regularly with moisturizer, taking hot showers, use of harsh and drying soaps, etc. The diabetic patients will be affected by the dry heels. The cracked heals can allow bacteria and viruses to enter our body.
4.       Corn and Callus:  The formation of the callus develops by the accumulation of the dead skin cells, which get harden. The corns usually occur at the top and sides of the toes and they are caused due to blocked sweat ducts. Calluses are the rough areas of the skin foot or anywhere where there is repeated friction. The callus occurs when there is a lot of rubbing against the foot.
5.       Athlete’s foot: It’s a kind of fungal infection due to the barefoot walking at public places. It is contagious disease which can spread to toe nails. This is commonly found in athletes and hence the name athletes foot.

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